Workers’ Con Boards of Canada Should be Prosecuted!

Being New to this Site; and having had Personal Dealing with the Worker’s Con Board of Nova Scotia.

I am not a Lawyer/ and this is just My Simple Advice and Story:

I have learned some things. Here In Nova Scotia- You only have 6 months which you can Pursue Legal Action (should it be that Serious). This can also be done- if a Claim with the Worker’s Con Board has already been Filed. But you are not entitled to have Both


In some cases- you Cannot Sue your Employer- and can only use the Worker’s Con Board -Which if so, -I’m sure you will find – You will soon have MANY more PROBLEMS – Perhaps Mentally, and at Work!!! I would recommend that any persons on a Claim, or Considering a Claim- Seek Perhaps a Free Consultation with a Lawyer. AT THE EARLIEST TIME POSSIBLE!!!

The Worker’s Con Board will be Very Sympathetic, and Sound Very Compassionate to Allow time for your RIGHTS TO BE DIMISHED. This will eventually change- and you will most likely be switched from Worker to Worker. The Sympathetic Ears will Soon be Pathetic Excuses as to Why you ARE NOT ENTITLED TO BENEFITS!

You Won’t Know What your rights are- And The Worker’s Con Board Will String you along until you have No Rights. Then you will find out what their Laws/Rules/Regulations Are. Until you get so discouraged you give up!

The 1st One I found out about was: Instead of looking for a job within walking distance (5min) As was My Job at Clearwater … I was now required to look for Work within a 100 km Radius!!!

They had told me that I was not covered for Medical Anymore when I had to see a Specialist. I kept the appointment.

They will have their Specialists tell you the BEST CASE SENARIO; even if it is a FLAT OUT LIE!

Even after I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery- My Symptoms remained- Yet The Workers Con Board Told me that It was a Successful…. Despite the Specialists Opinion that it was not – WITH THE EMG Tests. Then The Workers Con Board Wanted me to have the SURGERY Procedure done Again.

The Worker’s Con Board- do not only Represent You- But Also Your Employer- Therefore, how can they be Unbiased?

Be sure if you’re on a Claim and are Seeking Legal Help with them on Appeals- that they are Positively Representing YOU. In Nova Scotia there was the Worker’s Advisors Board -to Represent the Workers with Appeals. Don’t take this for Granit or Assume…. You will be Shit out of Luck- Quicker!

The Workers Con Board Will Flood You with Appeals on Behalf of the Employer as to Why you are Not Entitled to Benefits. Sinking like a Battleship; THE WORKER’S CON BOARS WILL -EVENTUALLY SINK YOU!!!

If you are fighting an Appeal- and have some medical Evidence of Injuries- You May wish to find out if these are Permanent- As The Worker’s Con Board will try to tell you that they are not…. and that You can still do the Work which have caused the Injury- as they had in my case. However, I had Won My Appeal for a PIB (Permanent Injury Benefit) from the Worker’s Con Board- with the Help of AMA (American Medical Association) definition of a Permanent Injury. With the HELP of the EMG’s as MEDICAL EVIDENCE.

Your Family Doctor Will Most Likely Find this Whole Process Discouraging- Ripping out THEIR HAIR. I had so many Problems with My Doctor – She had sent me a Registered Letter- Telling me that she was no Longer Willing to Be My Family Physician- Mostly Due to the Fact that I was So Depressed with the Pills and Circumstances- I REFUSED TO TAKE ALL THE PILLS for Depression. ( VERY COMPLICATED).

I eventually Lost My Claim for Long Term Benefits and Other Benefits- Because I was Under the Wrong Impression that the Workers Advisers Board was handling my Appeal. The Lawyer for the Worker’s Advisors’ Board had represented me in the Last Appeal- and had told me to email her with communications, and I was with my information… But they did not Represent Me- and did not tell me this. Every Appeal- make Sure You have Representation…. Don’t Take this for GRANITE. You will find out the Sooner Rather Than Later -How STONE COLD They Are!

I had eventually taken my ANGER and PICKET SIGNS to PUBLIC GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS to PROTEST PEACEFULLY_ Such AS Community Services/ Provincial Building and MLS’s OFFICE – Since there was NO Local Worker’s Con Board in My Rural Community.



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