Workers Con Boards of Canada – Should be Prosecuted!

When I had My Injuries at Work- The Employer Downplayed My Injuries and Said I had “Sore Wrists” and “Hands” I did not know what Carpal Tunnel was.

My Employer said my Wrists and Hands- Needed to “Toughed Up” and if I couldn’t do the Work to find other Employment. I didn’t mention my Neck and Shoulder Pain- Because I didn’t want to seem like I was Exaggerating My Symptoms-OR be let go.

Employers and WCB know that there are Certain Types of Work Which Cause Certain Types of Injuries- but Downplay them.

After I went to the Doctor- and Was Diagnosed- WCB gave me Benefits Long Enough to Absolve the Employer from a Possible Lawsuit- Then my Struggle with W.C.B. Ensued.

After I had Surgery – and it was NOT Successful- WCB said my Symptoms were Resolved and Cut off my Benefits- Which I Appealed.

I took a job, and WCB said if My Symptoms were to return they would look at it as a New Claim.

I asked them How can they look at it like an New Claim- When My Symptoms ARE NOT RESOLVED.

I had EMG’s Done Which Showed the Symptoms were Not Resolved, While I was Appealing their Decision- I Quit the Job because I couldn’t do it anymore- and Won the Appeal-

THE Appeal Boards Decision,- Which Stated that I quit my job as a result of my Compensable Injuries- and I was Entitled to Benefits – The Workers Con Board Ignored.

Yet WCB also SAID I should have Surgery AGAIN- and they did not look at it as a NEW Claim. Nor did they Consider My Neck and Shoulder Nerve Entrapment as a Workplace Injury, which was INGORED- at least as an Injury to the Employee, Perhaps it was Considered by W.C.B. in Dealing with the Employer?

At the Next Appeal- I Thought the Advisors Rep. who handled the Previous Appeal was still Representing me- as She told me to Keep in Contact with her and Send her Emails – Which I had done. Some She had Acknowledged- She knew About the Appeal- Yet she did not Represent me- and I lost My Appeal!

I also had NUMBEROUS PROBLEMS- in the Little Quaint Town of Lockeport, After filing my W.C.B. Claim- Including an Eviction/ Someone that Threatened me with a Gun/ The Mayor/ and Pressure from WCB to find another job., etc.

File #’s 1846411-1846412 -Case Closed!


Darren MacKay, I guess the Moral of the STORY is: YOU have a Client for a FOOL if They Think the Workers Advisors’ Board is Representing YOU!

I would never Open another Claim or Re-Open a Claim- with the W.C.B. Fool Me Once, Shame on YOU! Fool me Twice, Shame on ME!


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